VPN meansVirtual Private Network or "Virtual Private Network". The purpose of a VPN is to connect two networks of devices (PC, tablets, smartphones…) via a secure and encrypted tunnel technique.

The advantages of VPN!

  • Access your local network when you are on the move
  • Hide your activity on the internet
  • Access sites with geo-blocked content
  • Safe surfing on public Wi-Fi
  • Bypass the censorship of the country in which you are installed
  • Download files

Why a VPN?

Set up a VPN, it is allowing access to a local network wherever you are on the planet ! At your house, you most likely have an internet box (Freebox, Livebox ...). So you have alocal network at your home. This is the box that takes care of everything.

Now imagine that you are on the move and you need to access the hard drive of your box ? By configuring the VPN access on your laptop PC while you are in Paris and your local network (your home) is located in Lille, you will be able to access all the network equipment connected to your local network. TheVPN allows you to pretend you are on the same local network, wherever you are.

Set up a VPN, it is being able to exchange data in complete confidentiality.The VPN allows you to create a secure connection tunnel between these 2 networks within a public network. The data exchanged between 2 networks will still be visible but as they will be encrypted, they will not be readable, nor decipherable.

In normal times, when you visit a website, he just has to look at the source of the request, therefore your public IP address and gradually ascend from the source of the request to your local network, to then identify yourself clearly.

This is how governments can identify those who download movies or music

This is where the VPN will play a role for your security and take on another dimension.

Today, of companies offer VPN access on networks around the world. The website no longer sees your public IP address as the source of the request but rather the IP address of the VPN. As for your internet service provider (DO), he will only see one connection: the one between you and the VPN, which is fully encrypted.

Thanks to this anonymity, you will also be ableoverride geographic restrictions. Through VPN, you will be able to bypass this restriction. If a website is only accessible to US residents, you just need to connect to a US VPN and you will finally have access to the site. In the same way, thanks to VPN, you will be ablebypass censorship.

If you are traveling to a country where the internet is controlled by the state, some websites may be blocked. By connecting to a VPN that is in a free country, you will be able to access the site again.

Which VPN to choose?

We have tested several and the one that seems the easiest to use is TOUCH VPN